Art of Russia Gallery

Art of Russia Gallery was initially established in 1995 in Baltimore, Maryland by Dianna Lennon. In 2004, Dianna relocated to Santa Fe, NM, where Art of Russia Gallery found its permanent home. During the fall of the Soviet Union, Dianna mentored artists struggling for artistic freedom and today Art of Russia Gallery is the legacy of her twenty years experience as educator and advocate of Russian art.

Russia’s culture continues to emerge from its recent liberation to captivate a global audience and Art of Russia Gallery is dedicated to sharing this revival with American audiences. We offer a diverse collection from the former Soviet Union, many pieces of which were hand-carried to the United States by Dianna in the nineties, but also maintain a strong focus on contemporary artists. Distinct from their historic predecessors, contemporary Russian artists are pioneering a new sense of freedom in their exploration of color, form and symbolism—expression not seen in Russia for nearly a century.

Within this traditional adobe setting, we are pleased to offer an informal and comfortable experience in which to experience Russia’s rich visual fabric. All guests are welcomed and encouraged to ask questions about this exciting new vanguard.

If you have any questions or comments about the gallery or its art visit our contact page to send us an email, call us at 505-466-1718, or visit us in person on Canyon Road in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


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